Honey walnut Challah

Soft, fluffy enriched bread is interlaced with the subtle sweetness of honey and the satisfying crunch of walnuts. This easy bread recipe is great for beginners and is sure to please with its stunning presentation. For everyone who has ever feared making enriched bread, and for those who has quailed beneath the thought of braiding …

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Mocha swirl banana bread

Enhance your go-to banana bread with thick swirls of rich mocha. The chocolatey coffee flavor is irresistible when paired with the comforting taste of traditional banana bread. Yes, I’m back with another banana bread recipe. My local grocery store was selling 15 bananas for 99 cents (!!!), and there was no chance I’d come home …

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Triple chocolate waffles

They’re chocolatey. They’re fluffy. They’re mini and full of flavor. Top them with some berry compote for the perfect breakfast (or dessert!) When I was a kid, I loved Eggo’s waffles. In fact, I didn’t know that any other kind of waffle existed because my family exclusively ate Eggo’s waffles and never went out to …

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