Triple chocolate waffles

They’re chocolatey. They’re fluffy. They’re mini and full of flavor. Top them with some berry compote for the perfect breakfast (or dessert!) When I was a kid, I loved Eggo’s waffles. In fact, I didn’t know that any other kind of waffle existed because my family exclusively ate Eggo’s waffles and never went out to …

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Mini apple pies

Sweet, slightly tart apples are perfectly caramelized and encased in a soft, flaky crust. These mini apple pies have just the perfect crust to filling ratio! When I was growing up, I actually hated apple pies. I detested the mushy filling and would pick off the crust with single minded determination. I would wipe off …

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Lemon Bars

I’ve been on a bit of a lemon spree lately, with my Double sunshine lemon shortbread cookies and Sunny lemon curd and scones. It started with a simple discovery. I’d just come home from New York, tired and grumpy… and I saw that the garbage needed to be taken out. So I dragged the garbage down my apartment …

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