6 trendy desserts to eat in NYC

It’s true when they say New York City really has everything the heart could want, especially when it comes to food. Dollar pizza at 3am? It’s there! 3 star Michelin restaurants? You can find it for sure. My 2 month adventure in New York has come to an end, but before I left I managed to eat some truly superior food. These 6 desserts were not only delicious and worth a visit if you’re ever in the city; they’ve also inspired me to try baking my own versions so I can have a piece of New York with me on the other side of the continent!

6 trendy desserts to eat in NYC

  1. New York cheesecakeIMG_7562

    So this is nothing revolutionary. When in New York, you must eat New York cheesecake, the delicious dessert made with cream cheese, sour cream, and whipped egg whites to create a sublime texture. The newsworthy opinion I have on the New York Cheesecak: I didn’t think Elaine’s famous cheesecake was the best cheesecake. This award goes to Daily Provisions. Their cheesecake with strawberry-rhubarb compote was some of the BEST cheesecake I’ve ever had. It was pure heaven, with a rich yet light texture and a beautiful tart sauce with every bite.

  2. Cookies from Levain BakeryIMG_7417

    Yes, these cookies are a legend. They are thick and solid with a hefty amount of filling. As my boyfriend put it – the Platonic ideal form of a cookie would indeed be a Levain Bakery chocolate walnut cookie. There is no cookie in the world that better embodies the soul and spirit of a chocolate chip cookie. These cookies also transport well, so they are a great gift to take home to your friends.

  3. Cookie shots from Dominique AnselIMG_4906

    Dominique Ansel is famous for his cronut, but I was too lazy to wake up early before work and wait in line for a cronut. I settled for a cookie shot instead. Unlike tequila shots, these shots are edible, delicious, and good for your soul. The inside is lined with chocolate and then filled with milk. Wholesome!

  4. Birthday cake from Milk BarIMG_1899

    Milk Bar is famous for its rainbow-flecked, bright and peppy birthday cakes. These cakes have 3 rich layers interspersed with thick, cream cheese icing. The top has cookie dough crumbles, and it tastes as good as it looks. It is quite the sweet treat and will keep you full for hours.

  5. Bubble tea soft serve from Bar Pa TeaIMG_7287

    There’s the familiar bubble tea which we all know and love, and then there’s bubble tea soft serve. Rich, creamy soft serve with a subtle tea flavor is topped with perfectly chewy tapioca. I got the green tea and rose swirl and it honestly exceeded expectations.

  6. Olive oil cake from L’ArtusiIMG_7401

    I’m ending the list with a classier dessert from L’Artusi, an elegant Italian restaurant in West Village. The pasta is phenomenal, but the olive oil cake was the perfect way to end dinner. It’s dense (in a good way), moist, and topped with a generous clump of cream. This dessert showed me how delicious olive oil cakes can be – I’ll have to make my own!

I had such a fantastic time discovering the different foods New York had to offer, and I only really scratched the surface. One of my favorite parts about traveling is using my experiences to inspire my cooking at home – can’t wait to come up with some NYC-inspired desserts!

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