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Japanese milk bread by hand (no milk powder)

Perfectly fluffy, tender bread with a subtle sweetness and richness. Skip the stand mixer and make this wonderful loaf completely by hand. One of my favorite parts about visiting Asia is eating the magically soft and fluffy bread. The glossy, golden brown crust breaks open to reveal…
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Hi! My name is Hali

Welcome to Halicopter Away! I’m the baker, photographer, traveler, food lover behind this site, a place for mouthwatering bakes, whimsical creations, and my undying love for fresh baked bread.

I love traveling, eating, and traveling to eat. When I’m not on the road, you can find me in my San Francisco kitchen, baking, cooking, and experimenting with new recipes.

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my latest recipes

bunny melon pan on plate

Cute bunny melon pan

These melon pan are made with soft and fluffy milk bread and covered with a sweet cookie crust. They’re shaped like adorable bunnies to celebrate…
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sourdough pumpkin muffin with chocolate

Sourdough pumpkin muffins

These soft and fluffy spiced pumpkin muffins are made with sourdough discard for extra flavor. Chocolate chunks and a crunchy sugar topping made these a…
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