5 wonderful dishes to bring to your Thanksgiving potluck

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and I’m going to be honest with you guys – I am SO looking forward to eating delicious food and lazily lounging about and not worrying a bit about work and responsibilities. And I’m also looking forward to cooking up a bunch of delicious dishes and sharing them with the people I love!

The turkey is often the star of the Thanksgiving show, but everyone has their favorite dishes that are NOT turkey. Because turkey is great and wonderful and all, but flaky biscuits or sweet pumpkin bread are the satisfying carbs you need. Or what about some roasted veggies to cut through all that heavy and decadent food? Or some flaky pies to end the meal? Either way, there are a plethora of options that you can whip up to impress your friends and family at Thanksgiving.

I’m listing out 5 dishes here that are either so simple and tasty that it would be foolish not to make them, or are so good and impressive that it’s worth the hassle.

5 wonderful dishes to bring to your Thanksgiving potluck

Ranked from simplest to most complex

  1. Pumpkin muffinsIMG_3294

    They’re fluffy, they’re simple, and they’re a crowd pleaser. You really can’t go wrong with pumpkin muffins. I love this recipe from Lovely Little Kitchen – I discovered it when I Googled “pumpkin muffins” and it was the first hit. Luckily, the SEO algorithms did not lead me wrong. It was so easy to pull together and the pumpkin really adds a lovely level of moistness.

  2. Honey balsamic roasted vegetablesimg_3269

    Everybody needs veggies so digestion of Thanksgiving dinner goes properly. You can stick these sheet-tray veggies right in the oven before guests come, then frantically run around cleaning as they roast. I love all the flavors in this veggie combo – a little sweet, a little sour, and just a kick of pepper. You can find my recipe HERE.

  3. Simple flaky biscuits7765E52D-BFAF-43E2-B0F6-B7724DBA1309

    Um, I made homemade biscuits for the first time this weekend and honestly it changed my life. I used the recipe from Sugar Spun Run, and they turned out so perfect. I can just imagine them being passed around a Thanksgiving table and being slathered in warm butter and gobbled down with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

  4. Pumpkin praline pieIMG_3531

    This is where we start getting into the slightly more complicated side of things. Not that the actual pie takes a lot of effort, but you need to plan out the pie crust chilling and filling cooling. I’d recommend starting this the night before with the pie crust, and having the baked filling cool down as guests are enjoying dinner. This pie is so worth it though. The caramelized praline adds a delightful crunch to a traditional pumpkin pie, and it’s just so gorgeous. Add heaps of homemade fresh whipped cream to really balance out all that crunchy sweetness. I used a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

  5. Mini apple piesimg_2862

    If you have time and are committed to an absolutely delightful little dessert, I’d recommend these mini apple pies. They turn out so darling and are perfectly proportioned, one for each guest. Serve them up with vanilla ice cream for a classy and charming end to dinner. If you want to skip the finnicky lattice work, top with a crumble instead! You can find the recipe and tips HERE.

What are you most looking forward to eating during Thanksgiving? 🙂

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