Jiggly Cheesecake Saga – How to bake a souffle cheesecake

My obsession with jiggly cheesecake began with an Insider food video that was simply mesmerizing. It showed a beautiful, fluffy, creamy cheesecake… that jiggled. It jiggled and swayed and wobbled from side to side. I was captivated and knew it was my mission to eat one of these cheesecakes. I imagined it must taste like a …

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Best Cookie Recipes

Cookies are the most welcoming of desserts. They are simple to make, forgiving of mistakes, and delicious even when they are one week old. And who doesn’t love a cookie? They come in so many shapes and sizes that for every person on this planet, there is a cookie out there for them. Everyone has …

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My Baking Fails

In my heart of hearts…. I am a perfectionist. “I don’t really care how I do,” I say as I study furiously until 2am, “it doesn’t matter if things are a little off,” I laugh as I individually glue rhinestones onto sorority bids. And though baking is my relaxing, experimental hobby, this streak of perfection …

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