August wrap-up

August was a month full of sunshine and travels all over the United States. Lately it seems that time passes too fast – I blink and half a year is gone, I’ve flown over 100,000 miles, and I’m left not knowing where all that time went. I am just sitting here GROWING OLD (just kidding… …

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Lemon Bars

I’ve been on a bit of a lemon spree lately, with my Double sunshine lemon shortbread cookies and Sunny lemon curd and scones. It started with a simple discovery. I’d just come home from New York, tired and grumpy… and I saw that the garbage needed to be taken out. So I dragged the garbage down my apartment …

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Jiggly Cheesecake Saga – How to bake a souffle cheesecake

My obsession with jiggly cheesecake began with an Insider food video that was simply mesmerizing. It showed a beautiful, fluffy, creamy cheesecake… that jiggled. It jiggled and swayed and wobbled from side to side. I was captivated and knew it was my mission to eat one of these cheesecakes. I imagined it must taste like a …

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