I started an Insta! My experience so far

Long story short – I started an Instagram for this blog. If you have an Insta for your blog as well, I would love to follow each other! You can find me at https://www.instagram.com/halicopteraway/.

So I have been putting off getting an Insta for the longest time. Some of my reasons were practical – I didn’t want to post frequently and enjoyed the longer medium of WordPress. Other reasons were less tangible – I was worried that Insta would pressure me to take “Instaworthy” pictures and force me into the social media rat race.

So why did I make the leap?

  1. Insta has a huge user base, so I am able to reach a much larger audience
  2. The content on Insta is more consumable, so I can get quick inspiration for both recipes and design
  3. More of my friends and family are on Insta

How has the experience been so far?

I have enjoyed the faster pace of Instagram, as I can post short thoughts and images without writing an entire post. I’ve also gotten so much inspiration through people’s posts and have been learned some cool tips to up my food photography game! However, I’m still learning to navigate the new platform, and honestly feel like I’m so behind everyone in my generation. All my friends got an Insta in high school and now I’m just joining the party. Oops.

To be fair, I also spend more time obsessing over how “perfect” my post looks. I think this can be a danger of social media, but I need to remember no to take things too seriously and just enjoy myself 🙂

Things I still need to figure out:

  • How frequently and best times to post
  • How to reach and connect with other bloggers
  • How to best connect Instagram to this blog
  • The art of tagging!

If you’re hoping to grow your blog and meet other bloggers, I think Instagram in a great medium. How many of you have an Instagram along with your WordPress? 🙂


5 thoughts on “I started an Insta! My experience so far”

  1. I completely agree and know what you mean about Insta! It’s a great platform to help us all reach more people yet, I have been there when a photo doesn’t get as many likes and it can be disheartening! Keep doing what your doing though – because your photos look amazing!<3 x

    1. Thank you!! This is exactly how I feel – thanks for capturing it so concisely 🙂 I’m still figuring out my niche and style and really am having fun experimenting!

  2. I’ve never really managed to get into instagram – occasionally I post a frequently, but then other times I go a year between posts 😀 I’ve noticed that it’s been harder to elicit engagement since they introduced the algorithm, but I still love trawling it for photography inspiration. Seconding everything Le Minimal Edit says above – keep it up 🙂

  3. Welcome to Instagram! I do use it in conjunction with my blog. At first, I was actually thinking about using my Instagram completely for my blog, but my friends and family told me that it looked too impersonal, so I use it for both personal posts as well as blog posts. Best of luck!

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