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Chocolate chip cookies are one of the simplest and most enjoyable desserts to make. I now have a favorite go-to sea salt dark chocolate chip cookie recipe that is pretty much fail-proof. I use whatever brown sugar I have in the kitchen (light or dark), use butter that maybe isn’t quite room temperature, and never chill the dough because I am impatient and want cookies right now. Despite this abuse, the cookies always come out great. But with my new apartment’s oven, I was worried that my fail-proof recipe could suffer from uneven baking temperatures, and my cookies would come out as half-burnt, half-raw crisps. So, I decided to do a little test.

Test goals:

  1. Determine bake time needed for cookies. My old oven required 11 min.
  2. Determine best shelf for baking cookies on (top or bottom).

Test parameters:

  • Same batch of cookie dough (recipe link here!) split into 3 batches at 350 degrees48223121_362567434516798_3561397043735822336_n
  • I used same pan for each batch and covered the pan with an aluminum foil misted with cooking spray. I made sure to cool the pan between batches.
  • Each cookie ball was 2 tablespoons big47576445_1171368956369888_1112847286481715200_n
  • Batch 1: Placed on the bottom rack of my oven for 11 min initial time + 2 min of additional time
  • Batch 2: Placed on the top rack of my oven for 13 min + 1 min of additional time
  • Batch 3: Placed on bottom rack for 7 min and top rack for 8 min

Honestly, this is very bad a/b testing because I am changing multiple variables at once. But it was still informative and will help guide my cooking baking in the future.


  • Batch 1: Turned out too soft after the initial 11 min and were still not quite cooked through after the additional 2 min. The bottom edges were quite browned but the top was not browned at all.
  • Batch 2: Turned out soft but cooked through. Edges of top were lightly browned.
  • Batch 3: Turned out a little more crumbly and cakey and both bottom and top were lightly browned.


  1. Base cookie baking time needed is 14 min
  2. Neither shelf is ideal, but top shelf will prevent over browning of bottom. If I were feeling ambitious, I would start on the bottom shelf and bake for 9 min, then switch to top shelf for remaining 5.


I’m planning a cookie baking fest next week (imagine hundreds of holiday cookies being rolled out all day) and definitely will bake my go-to sea salt dark chocolate chip cookie. Now I can be fairly confident that they will be cooked through and just the right amount of done 🙂 Nothing is better during the winter than a hot cup of tea and a warm, perfectly-baked chocolate chip cookie!


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