A Guide to 48 Hours of Exploring in Austin

Austin is a city with a wealth of cute shops, off-beat and interesting street art, and nightlife. It’s also extremely easy to get around, with many places walkable or bikeable – made even easier by an omnipresence of electric scooters and bikes. You can see a variety of places in just a weekend without feeling rushed or pressured!

If you’re excited about food in Austin, check out my guide to 48 hours of food in Austin.


What I loved about my trip was that there was no “must-see” list. Instead, we could wander from neighborhood to neighborhood without any pressure.

Zilker Park50436427_555212471622232_4713421686156820480_n

This large and lovely park was dog heaven. Wow. We sat there for a good hour just sitting in the grass and watching dogs bounce happily around us. What a perfect place to walk off a food truck meal and enjoy the sunny weather.

UT Austin

There’s something charming and nostalgic about University campuses, so we wandered through since it’s reasonably close to the state capitol building.

State Capitol Building50889901_348263242568509_8812915940954996736_n

There are free tours, but if you don’t want to commit to a history lesson, you can still enjoy the beautiful architecture and memorials. Texas loves all that is big and grand, and the capitol building is no exception.

South Congress Avenue


This cute street has trendy shops, coffee spots, and even more food trucks. You can spend a relaxing afternoon wandering from spot to spot, nibbling on treats, and soaking in the quirky atmosphere. We also took the chance to grab some coffee and rejuvenate –  having fun is hard work!

Original Whole Foods Market

I bet you didn’t know that the OG Whole Foods is located in Austin, Texas. Friends, this was the most fantastic Whole Foods experience of my life. If you love browsing trendy organize products and trying yummy samples, definitely stop by this location (and I say this without a hint of irony).


Austin is famous for colorful and fun murals – get ready for all those photo ops!

Greetings From Austin50724742_1965758370197859_6331310985814474752_n

1720 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Close to South Congress Avenue and Gourdough’s Doughnuts

You’re My Butter Half50826214_368696783947210_5408937789444063232_n

2000 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702

I love you so much50512718_384856665613701_985394527109906432_n

Right on South Congress Avenue. It’s cousin the ironic “I hate you so much” mural can be found on Rainey Street.

Austin Howdy51133913_319649165331820_4392257384815263744_n

601 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Close to the original Whole Foods


Two big going out districts in Austin provide an ample amount of bars, clubs, and live music.

6th Street50558607_2322805437952745_7313494754287681536_n

West 6th is the young professional’s area of choice while Dirty (East) 6th is where college crowds will come in full force. This street has a lot of bars, clubs, and character. We particularly enjoyed live music and The Library and drinks at the speakeasy at Firehouse Hostel.

Rainey Street


Attracting a slightly older crowd than 6th Street, Rainey Street reminded me of the Row at my undergrad where the fraternities were housed. A number of bars and food stops line this street, and there is a constant buzz of energy and excitement.

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