Sunday Brunch for One

If you’ve read my favorite SF brunch places list, you know that I love brunch. I love the decadent breakfast foods served around lunch time, and the long, leisurely time spent eating, but I especially love the good company. Eating my favorite foods with my favorite people is key to my weekend morning experience. In fact, if I eat brunch alone on a weekend, I won’t go through the trouble of making anything fancy at all. Maybe I’ll have some quick oatmeal if I’m up to it, but normally I’ll just have a snack bar. Somehow, the care I put into cooking up a delicious meal only seems worth it when I can share with other people.

This past weekend, after a Friday and Saturday full of friends and family, I found myself alone on a Sunday morning with no brunch plans. It did feel a little lonely to just lay there in my quiet apartment, and I planned on just making some toast with the last of the stale bread in the pantry. But then I asked myself – why do I not put the same effort into feeding myself as I do into feeding others? Why can’t I treat myself to a wonderful brunch spread? Well, the obvious answer is that I’m way to lazy to do all the dishes that result from a more involved meal! The less obvious answer is that I could use some extra self-care and time for myself.53475232_1065746330272034_6807454573532282880_n

My Sunday brunch for one took twenty minutes to bring together.  I made exactly 3 pancakes with berries, a 3 egg cheesy scramble, and topped it off with a hot cup of tea.

Here are some tips I found when cooking brunch for one:

  • Eggs and pancakes can be cooked simultaneously in different pans, since you’re making a lower quantity and don’t have to worry so much about timing
  • Boxed pancake mix can help you easily adjust serving size and also lessen the amount of cleaning needed
  • Frozen berries can be microwaved with a bit of honey to create a quick alternative to cooking my berry compote recipe on the stove (though it is less thick and less tasty than the stove-top version)
Two pans busy making food for one girl 🙂

It felt wonderful to sit alone in my kitchen and slowly eat my way through my own home-cooked meal. Afterwards, I slowly sipped my tea and enjoyed my own company 🙂

Do you guys have any favorite meals that you like to make for yourself?

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