Best Cookie Recipes

Cookies are the most welcoming of desserts. They are simple to make, forgiving of mistakes, and delicious even when they are one week old. And who doesn’t love a cookie? They come in so many shapes and sizes that for every person on this planet, there is a cookie out there for them. Everyone has a cookie soulmate – and if you’re like me, you have infinite cookie soulmates.

Today I wanted to share my favorite cookie recipes. These cookies are simple, familiar, nostalgic, decadent, delicious bites of butter, sugar, and flour.

The BEST Cookie Recipes

  1. The classic chocolate chip with a twist

    47686149_268449720456220_1134488123447705600_nThese chocolate chip cookies from Hot Chocolate Hits are my absolute favorite. They turn out hands down amazing every. single. time. What’s the secret? Hand-chopped dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt to balance out the sweetness. Check out the recipe here.

  2. The simple shortbread with a hint of chocolate

    I will always have a soft spot for these shortbread cookies because they were the first I was able to successfully bake without the dough falling to pieces. They are easy to dress up with a chocolate drizzle or be enjoyed for their simple buttery goodness. Check out my take on them here.

  3. The sophisticated shortbread perfect for tea time

    If simple shortbread doesn’t quite cut it for you, check out its grown up cousin, Earl Grey shortbread cookies. These cookies add shredded Earl Grey tea leaves for a subtle and fragrant flavor. They are so buttery and too good to resist. Take a spin at them here.

  4. The double chocolate filled chocolate cookietriple chocolate cookies

    These decadent, rich cookies have over 2 bars of chocolate in them. Semisweet dark chocolate chips melt into sweet milk chips, all nestled in a rich chocolate dough. They won’t just satisfy your chocolate craving – they will knock it out of the park. Another fantastic recipe from Hot Chocolate Hits that you can find here.

  5. The friendly neighborhood Girl Scout cookie

    Peanut butter and chocolate is a match made in heaven, and Tagalongs are the very embodiment of this combination. Buttery cookie is layered with creamy peanut butter and smothered in a layer of chocolate to create a bite-size piece of heaven. Even when Girl Scout season is over, make them all year long with this recipe here.

And even though I say these are the BEST cookie recipes… really every cookie is a winner. Who knows what I’ll bake tomorrow that will suddenly need to be added to this list? Share your favorite cookie recipes with me!

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