5 unique Thanksgiving bread recipes

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete with a basket of perfect, fluffy bread rolls to go with the Turkey and cranberry sauce. These 5 recipes are perfect if you’re looking for a non-traditional bread to grace your holiday table!

I love bread. I’m always the person who eats the entire bread basket before my entree has even arrived. I live my life this way with no regrets – an unapologetic bread lover.

And I know with Thanksgiving right around the corner, people are wondering the best way to stuff a turkey, or the best way to uplevel grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe. And I’m here to tell you – don’t forget about the bread.

Because if the turkey is the star of the show and the pies are the supporting characters, the bread rolls are the stage and the curtains. They are unobtrusive, yet foundational to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. 

And while there are countless recipes out there for perfect soft white dinner rolls, I’m here to present 5 unique bread recipes that put a twist on the traditional white bread recipes.

5 unique Thanksgiving bread recipes

  1. Rosemary pumpkin dinner rolls –  for when you’re feeling savory

    These extra soft dinner rolls are full of fall flavors and add a twist with ground cardamom to complement the rosemary and pumpkin. They’re the perfect savory bread roll that are also just the best way to use up leftover pumpkin puree.

  2. Pumpkin spice sourdough – for when you’re feeling creative

    These sculpted sourdough loaves serve double duty as a delicious bread complement and a dining table decoration. Shaped like pumpkins and swirled with cinnamon brown sugar, they’re the perfect way to show off your baking skills. 

  3. Honey oat sourdough rolls – for when you’re feeling cozy

    These crusty rolls are chewy on the outside and super soft on the inside. Oatmeal mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon provide warm, cozy flavors that are perfect for slathering with honey butter.

  4. Hedgehog bread rolls – for when you’re feeling cute

    If you’re looking for the cutest bread roll, then look no further. These adorable hedgehog bread rolls are as cute as they are tasty. You may feel a little bad when you bite into their cute faces… until you realize how good they taste!

  5. Japanese milk bread – for when you want a classic white bread with a twist

    Perfectly fluffy, tender bread with a subtle sweetness and richness. Skip the stand mixer and make this wonderful loaf completely by hand.
    The 2 softest things in the world: 1) the tufty head fur of an Alpaca and 2) the fluffy inside of this Japanese milk bread. Of the two, I recommend serving the Japanese milk bread for dinner. The tangzhong method keeps this bread deliciously soft for days. 

Bonus – if you’re thinking about dessert, how about apple pie or pumpkin cheesecake cookies?

What kinds of breads will you be making this Thanksgiving?

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